The New Chapter Story

Our mission is to create moments that make you slow down & be more intentional with your self care routine. We believe that a healthy body starts internally. Wellness is not just an external practice. We focus on prioritizing self care, wellness, intention, experiences & connection.

Our aim is to inspire each individual to focus on themselves in order to be the greatest friend, partner, sister, brother & colleague that they can be- work from the inside out.

a little bit about why i believe journaling is important

Since I was a little girl I've always kept a diary, but now call a journal. When I was in 1st grade I got my first diary & haven't stopped writing since. Its been my escape, safe place and has help me sort through emotions and events in everyday life. I truly believe that having a place to organize your thoughts is so important for not only mental clarity, but for anxiety as well. Having a place to write memories and feelings that you would otherwise hold in or eventually forget about is so important for the current moment and to look back and reflect on.

why a planner & journal?

As someone who loves to travel and write, I find it hard to bring a planner and journal with me and typically don't end up using either because it feels unorganized. Which is why I created an undated planner and journal in one, not only to make your life easier/more practical, but so you actually use it without the stress of dates to follow and carrying two books around.

Near the end of the planner you can find travel pages. These are designated for documenting the adventures you went on- including expenses, summaries, people you met, who you went with, advice/tips and more!

which is why I present to you... New Chapter!

With each journal representing a fresh beginning, a chance for growth & opportunity for change- think of New Chapter as a turning of a page. Lets embrace growth and uncertainty while reflecting our past and welcome with open arms our future self.

We hold the pen to our new story, you get to decide how the next 180 days provided turn out.

May this New Chapter be the most beautiful and adventurous one yet!

much love, abigail ♡

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